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Thursday, November 10, 2011


Rimonit has been very into the idea of getting bigger, and the role that food plays in it.

We have a Little Critter book about all the things he's planning to do when he gets bigger, and then it ends with him saying "But I'm not bigger yet." When we first got it, it didn't really resonate, but I guess I just had to wait until R got a little bit bigger. :) Now she's all about planning what Moriya's going to do when she gets bigger, in addition to thinking about herself (and Kinne'et). Like before Simhat Torah she wanted one of those cuddly toy Torahs, which we got them, and she specifically requested one for herself, one for K and one for M, for "when she gets bigger." (After gan one day she asked if Hashem gave us toy Torahs also.)

And whenever there's something she's not allowed to have (either at the moment or at all) she'll now often say (if she's in an accepting mood), "When I get bigger?" I don't really like to say yes to that if it's candy or whatever because I don't want it to become this thing she seeks throughout childhood and then overdoses on when she does get bigger, but W has recently been telling her that candy doesn't make children grow bigger (she's been a bit obsessed about the role of food in making her grow - as she'd be in mid-chew, she'd say "I getting bigger?" like "Am I growing an inch with every bite I take?" to which my standard response is "You're getting bigger every day"). So now she's gone on health patrol (when she's not busy telling me not to look at her as she tries to sneak a taffy, that is): After the aforementioned biscuit-seeking by K, Rimonit goes, "No, Kinneret! Biscuits don't make you grow!" (Shockingly, this did not deter Kinneret the slightest bit.)


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