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Monday, April 11, 2011

What I heard myself saying today

"If you don't stop crying, you won't be allowed to help me clean for Pesach."

And the best part? It worked immediately. Chalk one up for Shas gan brainwashing.

In other news, Pharaoh was sighted in Rimonit's room tonight. She caught him hitting, and he had to be sent back to Mitzrayim. Also, there were frogs in her tights.

Speaking of tights (her latest obsession, which she can now actualize in full thanks to the package Savta Lea sent), the other day Rimonit announced that she wants to wear tights because she wants to be beautiful. I pretty much stopped in my tracks, thinking 'Whoa, it's begun!' and gave her a whole spiel about how she's beautiful whether or not she's wearing tights, a dress, etc. etc. I've repeated it a couple of times since then and I guess it got through because as we were putting on her pajamas tonight she said, 'Ima, my beautiful!'


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