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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Historical discovery #2: Noah was trying to sail to Egypt

Since Rimonit keeps asking to see Pharaoh, Mitzrayim, etc. (um, have I mentioned how into the Pesach story she is?), I put on the Sipurei Hatanach Saba Tuvia DVD today and showed her "Pharaoh for pretend," then I started it from the beginning. Turns out that the reason Noah got into the ark was because he was trying to sail to Mitzrayim. Who knew?

Then she got on her toy phone to Pharaoh and asked him to "let people go." (Though I wasn't privy to the other end of the conversation, I can only presume that the reason she asked "why?" immediately afterwards was because he said "no no no.")


Blogger torah study blog said...

I love it!
It's precious
A zism un freilechn Pesah to your family,
Love, leah

April 18, 2011  

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