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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I love DST

Ever since Israel changed the clock to Daylight Saving Time (known here as summer time) at the beginning of the month, I have seen fewer dawns, and am quite happy about it. As I was eagerly anticipating, the girls' internal clocks keep them waking up at what had been 5:30, 6 a.m. (cue horrified gasp from pre-Rimonit me), but it's now "only" 6:30, 7 a.m.

Well, that's true for Kinneret. In other good news, I'm actually not sure what time Rimonit's been waking up (I'm also not 100 percent sure to what extent it's connected to the time change, but I'm not going to look too closely at the gift horse, or something). On Shabbat (two days after the clock change) I praised Rimonit for playing by herself and not waking up Ima and Abba when she got out of bed after we put her down for an afternoon nap, and since then (ptu-ptu-ptu) she has *not* been sneaking into our bed at the crack of dawn, disrupting my sleep for about half an hour and then demanding to be fed! By the time I get up she has dressed herself (often backwards, but still). Makes a nice change of pace.

The only down side ('cause there's always gotta be something to complain about!) is that just as Kinneret has made the miraculous changeover from desperately wanting Ima in the morning and physically pushing me out of bed to actually ignoring me and insisting that Abba take her out of her crib and get her some grub (halleluya!), Warren is now running off to shul (since she's now waking up later) so I have to get up anyway (urg!). But back to the plus side, if he gets her a bowl of cereal before he dashes off, I can usually sneak in a bit more shut-eye because the girls have recently significantly increased the amount of time they can play together before crying ensues. (I haven't actually timed it, but it's definitely noticeable.) In short, good stuff...


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