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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Here's the list of things I need to bring in for Rimonit's birthday party at gan on Friday:

- 4 pictures of her from babyhood on
- 10 blown-up balloons
- A decorated store-bought cake
- A present for the gan (game/book)
- Candles
- Napkins


Photo montage for a 4yo? Present for the gan? Blowing up balloons isn't in their contract?

Anyway, here's hoping this year's bday party will be better than last year's at least...


Blogger Nesya said...

Just read your post about Rimonit's bday last year and it reminded me-I went to Noa's bday party once and it was pretty awful, with all the ritualized cheesiness of the mommy song and all the other staged bits. The other kids seemed to enjoy it though, if not the actual birthday kid who was kind of confused and dazed throughout the whole thing. I think gananot just get really bored at work.

November 02, 2011  

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