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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Historical scoop of the week

Historical find of the week: When the Jews left Egypt, they said 'Oooh!'
Source: RPKW, Song on the Swing


Q: What's this Song on the Swing you're talking about?
A: Imagine a girl on a swing in the park singing a long song with an indiscernible melody at the top of her voice. It involves Pharaoh, Moshe, Mitzrayim, people saying oooh, a tall tree, the sky and airplanes. And back again.


The hazards of having a nephew named Moshe around Pesach time include fielding a question from a Smunchovitz like: Gila [sister of said cousin] live in Mitzrayim?

UPDATE: The morning after I issued a clarification that her 5-year-old cousin was not actually the Moshe in question, R announced: "Pharaoh say 'No no no!' Moshe say 'Let people go' - but not my cousin Moshe."


Kinneret may have said her first sentence today! Rimonit had a tiny tumble in the living room and I said the usual 'Oh, you fell down? You're okay! Let me give you a kiss' or some such. Kinneret was standing nearby and said: Niti down! (Okay, it was more like: Niti! Down! - but that still counts as a sentence, right?)

She also will now say 'ow' if you say a cat says 'me__' -- but if not given that prompt, continues to maintain, as a true sabra should (surrounded by feral cats as she is), that cats actually say 'Khh.'


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