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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Where there's steam...

* At breakfast today:
Me to RP, after two consecutive mornings of bloody noses (hers): We're going to put something called a hu-mi-di-fi-er in your room so you don't get bloody noses as much.
RP: [Not much of an immediate reaction. About five minutes on, looking troubled and sounding distraught:] I don't want fire in my room!

* RP, sharing her epiphany after being put to bed tonight:
Grown-ups don't play a lot. They do... things.

* What RP calls a bathing suit: beigele yam
(The explanation that ruins the joke: Bathing suit = beged yam. Beigele = pretzel. Beigele yam = sea pretzel.)

* Extended conversation with KL (while she is being changed):
Ima no diaper.
Just Ya. [that would be Moriya aka Moriya Shiran aka Moriya Shiran-ran aka Gimmel, who has yet to be properly introduced on this blog despite being 3 months old]
Also Diti. [at night]
Also me.


Blogger Nesya said...

Gimmel? Have you become friends with Natalie Portman?? Also-I'm not sure KL's quite grasped the meaning of "just" just yet. :)

October 22, 2011  

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