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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rimonit Peniniavelli

1. In addition to the whole Amelia Bedelia aspect of living with a 3-year-old (i.e. when the kid takes you overly literally or grasps an unintended meaning of the word), there's also those times when the kid just mis-hears or misunderstands an unfamiliar word.

I found out that Rimonit apparently thinks 'mailbox' is 'milkbox' because when we passed one she announced that it was 'for babies.'

And last week I distinctly hear her saying 'Eliyahu anavim [grapes]' instead of 'Eliyahu hanavi.'

2. On Sat. night RP decided she wanted to watch (again) the Angelina Ballerina DVD that my parents had brought over. I wasn't being so responsive to her request, though, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. First she plopped down on the kid couch, followed shortly thereafter by her little sister. Then she turned to Kinneret and asked, in a kindly, big sis voice:

Ki, you want to watch TV?
[no response]
Say yes!
[A few seconds later, to me:] Ki want to watch TV.

And thus do the manipulations begin...


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