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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Good for you, mom!

While Kinneret's form of parent training is her enthusiastic 'yay's, Rimonit has recently picked a different route (one presumably gleaned from the way she herself gets encouraged).

The other day she asked me (pursuant to her fairly inexplicable burning ambition to ascertain the provenance of every object in the home) who had gotten some basic food item or other (bananas? milk? don't remember). As it happens, I had recently gone food shopping and did actually recall purchasing said item myself (though W is the more frequent food shopper in the household) and told her (probably after rolling my eyes, in my head if not in my actual eyeballs, at the question) that I had gotten it.

'You?' she asked me, wanting to be certain she was getting the story straight (another burning ambition of hers). 'Not Abba?'

I confirmed that this was indeed the case, to which she replied: 'Kol hakavod l'Ima!'


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