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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ani backpack!

Moriya has been combining words more and more - it's hard to believe how much she's talking. Her latest favorite combo is "Ani [me] backpack!" since she has now decided she needs a backpack just like her sisters have. She even puts it on herself (okay, not exactly the right way, but still) and puts her water bottle in it.

She knows both "ani" and "me," and is a particular fan of "mummy," which means both "yummy" and "tummy." She is also a momma's girl, if only in the sense that she likes her pajamas ("mommas!") - especially the warm winter ones (no longer in use), since those are easily identifiable. (Though we had to put a shirt on top to keep her from unzipping them in her crib). As for her actual mummy/momma, I'm still "Ama" to her.

She has also taken to dolls within the last few months. She sometimes tries to feed her doll from her bottle, and this morning I heard her shushing a doll. I guess she must be picking it up from gan, since her sisters haven't been so into dolls recently.

She has also become more aware of her toileting needs. Though in the long run I know this is likely to make it easier for her to be toilet trained, in the short term it's kind of annoying when she wants to be changed every time she pees or announces a poo half an hour in advance. We have taken to requiring evidence before agreeing to change her, lest we run out of diapers within the day.


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