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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Some Kinneretisms

1. Chicken pox has been going around Kinneret's gan, even though most of the kids (including K) have been immunized. I kept her home for a few days because it can still be contagious even though it was extremely mild. If you ask her why she was home, she'll probably tell you it's because she had "chicken spots."

2. Once upon a time, we bought a container of humus that comes with a layer of whole chickpeas on top, which Rimonit loved and Kinneret hated. Ever since, Kinneret, a life-long humus lover, has eyed every new container of humus suspiciously and before she deigns to agree to have some, she demands: "It has chick peas?" To which I have no choice but to answer that no, the dip whose primary ingredient is crushed chick peas does not in fact have any chick peas in it.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that she does the same thing with grape juice. A while back we had bubbly grape juice, which Kinneret emphatically did not like, and now she often holds off on drinking until ascertaining whether her grape juice has bubbles. At least she's not asking whether it has grapes!

3. Kinneret appears to have given up on the idea that, in a class of 35(!!), she will ever be ima shel Shabbat again, and lately seems to think she has a better chance if she aims for abba shel Shabbat. Rimonit, sadly, was quick to burst her bubble, telling her: "Ein davar kazeh!" - there's no such thing. I intervened to tell them that while only boys might be able to be abba shel Shabbat in gan, at home Kinneret can be anything she wants. Rimonit remains dubious.

4. Kinneret has been singing "Adon Olam" almost constantly for the last few weeks. It doesn't seem to bother her that she gets nearly every word wrong.


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