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Monday, December 24, 2012


...insists that she is simultaneously "three" (in English) and "arba" (4, in Hebrew). She sees no contradiction in this, though her older sister does, which leads to some of the most ridiculous fights, along the lines of:

Random questioner to K: ?בת כמה את (How old are you?)
K: בת ארבע (Bat arba - I'm 4)
R: No, Kinneret, you're three!
K: Yes, I three.
R: You're not bat arba [=4], you're bat shalosh [=3].
K: No! I not shalosh, I three!!!

Apparently Kinneret is keen to get her Hebrew and English ages matching up shortly, though, since she asks me about once every week or so whether she's four yet - and once she discovers that she has, alas, not yet reached that milestone, she wants to know when the big day will arrive. Oddly enough, she is usually satisfied with the response "On your next birthday you'll be four."


Kinneret has clearly internalized the big-girl changes she has made recently (see previous post), or more accurately, is still in the process of fully making, and has since taken to announcing: "A different time I was a baby and I had to sit in the stroller and I had a bottle and a diaper." Sometimes she adds: "And I slept in a crib."

Yes, Kinneret, a different time. Like last month (for the nighttime bottle and diaper at least). Amazing how fast she can put it all behind her when she wants to.


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