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Monday, December 24, 2012

Moriya's latest tricks

Some of Moriya's latest frequently used words:

"I!" (when anything is being offered, since she sure doesn't want to be left out)

"Good night!" (to each family member on her way to bed)

"Draw!" (what she likes doing, especially when she sees her sisters doing same)

"Ni" (Rimonit)

"Ne-net" (Kinneret)

Moriya gets so excited to see her big sisters that she loves to run into their room and wake them up way too early in the morning, forcing me or W to try to run ahead of her and close their door before she gets the chance to barge in. When they do wake up, she is beside herself with joy. She also loves catching that first glimpse of them when we pick them up after gan; one time all she wanted to do was hold Kinneret's hand as soon as she saw her.

She has also found a new vocation: generous distributor of kisses (which in her case means she makes kissy faces in the direction of the intended recipient). She is very specific in who she targets, but does accede to requests if someone wasn't the lucky one at any given time. Lately I've noticed that when one of her sisters is crying she'll come over and give them kisses! (Unfortunately, they're not always so receptive at that moment, though sometimes it can take them out of their funk.)


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