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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Some more things

Can't believe I almost forgot to mention: Kinneret is about three weeks into going to sleep without a bottle (of water) - and about a week into going to sleep without a diaper! It's been going pretty well, though not entirely without incident. She's very proud not to be sleeping in a diaper anymore.

I accidentally forgot to tell the babysitter last night, though, and Warren told me Kinneret woke up at night while I was still at work and cried for about an hour, but he couldn't figure out what the problem was. When I got home at around 1 a.m., she came out and told me, very upset, that the babysitter put a diaper on her - even though "I told her I big."

As for Moriya, she makes fantastic kissy noises when you say the word "kiss" and has been saying a really great "UH-oh!" lately.


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