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Friday, January 20, 2012

How fast can Shiran?

Moriya (aka Moriya'chuk, Chook-chook, Moriya Shiran, Shiran-ran) update:

* Second tooth coming in!, [Moriya added that comma. Really! She is sitting on my lap right now. Gotta get going on that punctuation lesson...]
* Still super-smiley (except for a few days when she had a bit of a bug and her smiles went away and it made me sad. But now she's smiling again so it's all good.)
* Doing pushups. But not the kind she was doing before with just her arms - in the last few weeks has started pushing up her whole body and kind of pushing herself backward with her arms, ending up halfway across the room from where she started. Also rolling over (both ways) on occasion.
* This week started getting a bit more into eating (she turned 6 months old last Monday) - she did pretty well on sweet potatoes, carrots and bananas in the last two days.