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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dancing and stuffing her face...

Rimonit has a new dance move: She likes to turn around in circles now when there's music on. She'll often start smiling or even clapping as soon as she sees me near the CD player, before I even turn it on.

She loves to eat in the morning, when she is practically insatiable. Her faves include pear (downside: there's never enough!), cornflakes (preferred method: walking around with a little container of cornflakes that somehow always end up being crunched underfoot) and bread with leben/cottage cheese/hummus.

Can't wait for her to grasp: the concept of gravity. (As in, "If I turn this container upside down, the cornflakes will spill all over the floor. And that would be a bad thing." Or, "I should be very proud of myself for figuring out how to put a piece of pear on a spoon, for some reason, and I will even be able to get it to my mouth if I just keep the spoon right side up.")

And she knows how to ask for more cornflakes or pear: Just say mo! (She knows the hand sign too.) Nancy Reagan would be proud.