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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hanging up her tail

Big news on the Kinneret front: She has hung up her tiger tail! That's right, after about a year of being a tiger, she has announced (repeatedly) that her roaring days are behind her.

The turning point came around Purim time. I had shown her the tiger tail and ears and explained that we were going to put black stripes (= tape) on her orange outfit, and she was all excited about it - until the time came to actually wear it to gan for the exciting day when they all go in their costumes. She totally freaked out and didn't want to wear the tiger outfit or go to gan and was just a total wreck who repeatedly said she would rather stay home. Since it was a Friday, we let her; it was one of those cases where it was clear that what the ganenot and maybe other parents would think was the right thing to do just did not seem right for our kid. Even I couldn't help feeling like she should go to gan and have fun (I even offered an hour or two later to take her in, making sure she realized what she would be missing - but no go) but it would have meant forcing her in to do things she probably wouldn't have cared about anyway.

(If it were Rimonit, though, I definitely would have made her go because I know she was really looking forward to dressing up in gan and seeing what all the other kids were wearing and that she would be upset about not going even if she had a tantrum or something and claimed not to want to go. In fact, Rimonit couldn't understand why Kinneret wouldn't want to go and kept asking her about it, but Kinneret seemed quite happy with her decision.)

Anyway, after that Kinneret just didn't want to be a tiger anymore. She didn't even wear her tiger costume for more than the five or ten minutes between when she was ready to go to gan and when we gave in to her tears and let her stay home. She was a bee instead (fortunately, I had picked up a bee costume at Target when we were in the States around Halloween time, so we were good to go), and since relegating tiger-hood to her past (she does still sleep with a tiger figurine and enjoy her plethora of tiger books, though, so she hasn't completely renounced her feline friend) has alternately taken on the identity of a bee and of Eliyahu Hanavi - who, in case you were wondering, likes to hide under Kinneret's yellow blanket, ghostlike.


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