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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Some stuff

Okay, so I find myself in the position of having little things I want to post here but not actually posting them because I feel like I'm not allowed to write anything until I blogoffically announce the birth of Girl #4, Herut Tifferet, who was born on Hey Iyar (Yom Ha'atzmaut). But then I never get around to giving her the blog post I feel she deserves, so I don't post anything else either. So maybe can we agree that I've just announced her birth and we can move on? I promise to write more about her!

Oof, now I don't know where to begin. How about by kid. Or by bullet point. Or by as it comes into my head. Or maybe we should just see how it goes...

* It's been funny hearing the progression of how Moriya (who turned 2 in July) pronounces her own name. Months ago it was Ya, then it gradually progressed to Iya, and now it's Oriya - just one letter away! She continues to (mostly) call Rimonit "Nit" (pron. Neet) and Kinneret "Nenet"; she sometimes expands on those nicknames (I think she's gotten as far as Imonit and Inneret, on occasion), but the truth is I quite like those nicknames and would be happy to have them stay, for a while at least. (Though I wouldn't recommend that anyone other than Oriya try to call No. 1 "Nit" if such a person should wish to be in her good graces.) Those nicknames seem so natural now that Warren had to ask me the other day to remind him what it was that Kinneret used to call Rimonit (answer: Diti). So we used to have a Diti and a Ki (as Rimonit used to call Kinneret) and now we have a Nit and a Nenet. And an Oriya. And, of course, an Uti (pron. Ooti). (Toldja I'd write about her eventually.)

* In addition to being the word for ponytail and the Hebrew equivalent of "peekaboo," "kookoo" in our house has also come to mean "Thank you." (Moriya's version of Rimonit's "manku.") She's quite good at thanking people, and it's particularly sweet when she adds the person's name to it, as in "kookoo, Nit." Or "kookoo, Ima" - because, yes, she finally stopped calling me Ama! (I just noticed it last week.)

So much more, but I need to eat dinner. Worse, I need to cook it first. So this will have to do for now....


Blogger Nesya said...

Just wait until Ooti grows up enough to read this blog and realizes she wasn't deemed important enough by her mother to get a blog entry of her own. Tsk tsk tsk.

August 05, 2013  

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