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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Skipping ahead

I think I now know what Kinneret was doing while I was waiting and waiting for her to pop out: She was skipping a few chapters ahead in the "How To Be A Baby" manual (you know, the one that explains how sleep is an evil force that must be resisted at all costs).

To make a short story even shorter, she moved from combat crawling to crawling crawling at a mere five and a half months.

The next day - because why stick to your newly learned skill when you're only a few months ahead of the game? - I caught her raising herself up on her knees while leaning against a toy.

Later that day, she was leaning against said toy while STANDING ON HER FEET (though the picture below actually shows her leaning against a couch cushion).

Now about six and a half months, she spends her time practicing that standing trick on any available object (one of her favorites is a wooden bar under our dining room table that is just the right height, but my knee also works pretty well). In between, she speed-crawls to every corner of the house and squeezes herself into any spot that doesn't look big enough to fit even her (though I'm not exactly sure why the space between the rocking chair and the bookshelf looks so tempting).

She isn't fully sitting on her own yet - but she hasn't let that inhibit her plans to win a gold medal in the next Olympics, or at least run a marathon by the end of the year.

You know you've been putting in too much kiddie time when...

... You're packing yourself food before going to work, spy a pacifier lying around, and think, 'I should put that in the bag, just in case.'