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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sounds like...

Rimonit has finally started to figure out what I mean when I ask what sound something starts with (she had been giving me a whole syllable or several letters at once, like 'cupcakes' starts with 'cup'). She's all of a sudden quite good at it - this morning we went through a whole bunch of sounds. She started, saying something along the lines of "'Bowl' starts with 'b'" (the sound a 'b' makes, not the name of the letter). Then when I asked her if she could think of other words that start with "b," she was able to come up with one or two, and we did it for a few letters. Then later in the day she came up to me and Moriya and said "baby" starts with "b," and when I asked her if she could remember another word that starts with "b" she picked a different word that we hadn't even mentioned in the morning ("bag," which she saw lying around). Very exciting! Planning to put up a page with the letters of the alphabet on her door so we can easily transition from sounds to letter identification. She can identify "her" letter ("R") easily, and we've done a few others (not sure if she remembers them), but would like to play this game a tad more systematically. Nothing formal, and we stop when she doesn't feel like it anymore, but it is exciting that she's suddenly able to get this whole "sound" idea much better...


Anonymous Chaya H. said...

It's so fun to read what your kids are up to, it's like a little parallel universe.

B and Y just started doing this stuff too. But they argue about my pronunciation of "R," insisting it's either supposed to be "ww" or "rhhrhhrhh."

November 20, 2011  
Blogger Shoshana Kordova said...

Rimonit's English "r" is actually fine, but her Hebrew "r" kind of sounds as though she's replacing it with an apostrophe (Kinneret in English but Kinne'et in Hebrew). She got upset the other day because, she told me, "I said the girl my name is 'imonit, but she say Imonit!"

November 20, 2011  

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