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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer stuff

Don't want to jinx it, but so far had two really nice days home with the girls! (K just finished maon last Friday, and she is in kaytana (day camp) with Rimonit for the first two weeks of August, but just for three days a week.)

On Tuesday morning my friend came with her 2yo daughter (and I didn't even have to plan it - she unexpectedly called and it worked out perfectly), and they all drew with chalk on the path next to a sandbox and played in the sand with the sand toys we brought. It was a good combo - when they got bored with the chalk they played in the sand and when they got bored with the sand they played with the chalk. We weren't actually there all that long (we first had to go to the mall to get the chalk, which entailed a stop at the free gymboree), but they loved the whole idea of getting to draw on the sidewalk! After lunch and a nap they behaved very nicely in the supermarket, and after dinner they very enthusiastically spooned fruit yogurt into those ice-pop trays you put in the freezer, for frozen yogurt. I had explained that they would not be able to eat it that day, and they didn't start crying that they want to eat it now. And then Warren surprised us by coming home early, so it was a pretty great day.

On Wednesday they had kaytana, and today some new friends came over (mom+3yo girl) and we baked oatmeal cookies, which they had really been looking forward to doing - and they even seemed to enjoy actually doing it too (though we usually find that the anticipation tends to be far more exciting than the doing). Then they all got to eat their frozen yogurts, which they had also been looking forward to, followed by lunch and a nap. Even though they were pretty cranky in the morning - especially Kinneret, who is in her first week of not getting a nap every day - and even though I can't predict what the rest of the afternoon/evening will bring mood-wise, at least I know we had a few good hours today. Hard to believe the summer's almost over already!


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