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Monday, May 28, 2012

A nice fight

Rimonit and Kinneret had a very nice fight today. The nice part was very significantly helped by the fact that both were in pretty good moods to begin with and neither one started tantruming. Here's what happened:

K (whether by accident or by design I'm not sure) knocked over a Lego tower R had built and put next to her bed. This was not just any Lego tower, though: It was the Beit Hamikdash (according to Rimonit) or the Beit Hamigdal (according to Kinneret). After all, RP needed somewhere to bring her bikurim on Shavuot.

I got summoned and was pleased to see that though R was upset, she was not having a fit or even attempting to beat K with the kodesh hakedoshim. I told her the real Beit Hamikdash also got destroyed (nice try, right?), and said they should both put the blocks away.

Instead, R decided she wanted her Beit Hamikdash to be rebuilt bimheira beyameinu and set to work - uncomplainingly. And then K volunteered to help her out, getting on the floor with her and saying "I can help you." Rimonit happily ordered Kinneret around and K did what she was told and they finished pretty quickly and went to bed. Maybe it really is the end of days...


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