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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

File under: Things I never thought I'd hear myself saying

- "Only one person is allowed to sit on the toilet at a time!"
(after Kinneret schmucheled* onto the side of the toilet seat - where she likes to sit so she can hold onto the sink for support - even though her big sister had already placed herself in the normal position)

And a few seconds later...

- "No flushing the toilet when someone else is sitting on it!"
(also to Kinneret, of course)

Oh, the joys of having a second toilet-trained girl in the house!

*For non-South Africans: "Schmucheling" (pron. with a "sch" as in "sh," an "u" as in "soot," and a "chel" as in "cull" with a "kh") is totally the best word. Schmucheling is a bit like sneaking ("He didn't have a ticket, but he somehow schmucheled his way into the concert," "They said there was no more food available, but she schmucheled her way into the kitchen and schmucheled us out some cookies"), but so much more. Kind of a mischievous sneaking or a way of getting somewhere or something that seemed like it was off-limits or inaccessible. Kinneret is a master schmucheler ("Rimonit and Moriya were already in our bed, but suddenly Kinneret schmucheled herself in right next to me"). She must have gotten it from her father ("We didn't have anything to drink, but then Warren schmucheled us six glasses of ice-cold lemonade"). It kind of goes hand-in-hand with her second-child refrain of "also me!" - it doesn't matter what your plans are; she will find a way to schmuchel her way in.


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