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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Uh oh!

I found Moriya (now 10 months old) on top of the coffee table today!

In addition to climbing, she has also started standing on her own a bit. Nothing is safe!

On the Rimonit front, I recently realized why she suddenly started calling a "tzaharon" (after-school program - at this age, it's basically a late lunch and day care for 2-3 hours until the parents can come pick up the kids) a "tzahalit" - one of the women who runs a private tzaharon that I guess some of the kids in her gan go to is called Tzahalit. It all makes sense now.

Also, it seems that instead of counting sheep, Rimonit drifts off to sleep thinking of rhyming words. Or at least she did that Sat. night (I know because she called me in for an outside consultation) and then informed me on Sunday that this is the way she goes to sleep (which could very well mean just that it's the way she fell asleep the night before). "You also go to sleep thinking about rhymes, Ima?" she asked me. I told her no, but that it was a good idea and maybe I should try it...


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