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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some things that are true about Kinneret right now

- She is a tiger (as she announces several times a day, frequently followed by a roar).
- She was Ima shel Shabbat last week (also as she announces several times a day). According to Warren, these two components combine to make her a tiger mother.
- She loves having a grown-up water bottle and walks around the house with it, rarely letting it out of her sight. She also drinks more because it means she gets to use it.
- She's pretty good at drinking from said water bottle. And she likes randomly going up to people (like other parents picking up their kids from gan) and proudly displaying it. Here she is with her big sis, walking home from gan clutching her water bottle, after her starring performance as Ima shel Shabbat:

- She has recently started referring to inanimate objects by gendered pronouns, as in Hebrew (I think usually/always feminine but not totally sure).
- Put that together with the fact that out of nowhere she suddenly replaced all her "h"s with a guttural "kh" sound a month or two ago (like the Hebrew "het"), and it would not be out of the ordinary for her to say: "Table khit my khand! She khurts! Me want a khug!"

Oy vey!!!


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