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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Warren says

1. W objects to my statement that KL has stopped saying Abba. He says she still does.

2. Apparently the Smunch, being the teenager she is, has (at least for the moment) rejected her childhood nickname, telling Warren when he calls her the Smunch: No, Rimonit!

P.S.: New word for KL = up (as when she stands up). I think she may also be saying 'here' (as when she wants to sit on this here chair). And I forgot to mention that she also understands instructions related to getting dressed (or arrested), like 'hands up.' (Also 'pick up your leg.' Maybe she's learning more about dogs than that they are said to say 'woof woof'...)

P.P.S.: I love that our little frummy chick (that would be RP) was looking in her dresser drawer for her "seatbelt" this morning - dontcha know, the sparkly one that comes with her jean skirt.


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