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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One day, three scenes

Scene 1, morning, at home:
Rimonit is playing on her own in the living room, next to the wooden coffee table. She asks for a bowl, and I give her a plastic one. This isn't so unusual, since the kiddies often play with kitchen utensils. Then I see her coming out of the kitchen with another plastic bowl.
Me (suspicious): What are you doing with those bowls?
RP: Ely! Barak!
Me: You're eating with Ely (pron. Ee-lie) and Barak? (Needless to say, neither of these gan-mates is physically present.)
RP confirms this to be the case and requests another bowl. I get it for her (after all, it wouldn't be polite to leave one of her guests without a dish) but tell her no more bowls, which she repeats and seems to accept.
Logically enough, she subsequently requires three spoons. I give her regular spoons from the cutlery drawer and she sets three places at the table.

Scene 2, afternoon, at home:
We've come home from gan and sukkah decoration shopping and I happen to pass by as RP is unzipping her new fuzzy pink backpack with 3-D white fuzzy doggie head (ie it sticks out of the bag, isn't just a picture - and she love love loves it! thank you dani and savta june!). And what do I see? She pinched three very familiar-looking spoons and brought them to gan this morning while I wasn't looking! Keeping my laughter inside, I told her that spoons stay in the house and don't go in the backpack or to gan. She eventually agreed to bring them back to the kitchen. Oh well, she may have walked off with the silverware but at least she brought it back at the end of the day!

Scene 3, 6:50 p.m., at home:
The girls have eaten (or at least played with their food sufficiently) and I have just given Kinneret her nighttime bottle and done her inhalation (both have mild asthma, which I'm told is quite common in kids and which I hope will go away when they get a bit older - actually, now that I think about it, R hasn't needed to be inhaled in several months, ptu ptu ptu). I say to Kinneret: Okay, it's time to go bed! To my utter shock, she gets up immediately - and LEADS THE WAY STRAIGHT TO HER BEDROOM DOOR! She stops in front of the door, sees that it's closed and starts slapping at it. I have no way of knowing whether she was reacting to/understanding my words or the pre-bed ritual + maybe intonation of my sentence, but either way, what can I say but Wow!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have wonderful children, real characters.

Please keep up the stories. they are fascinating and very well written.

When can we expect a book on the two fabulous children?

October 21, 2010  

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