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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's bed time!

Tonight is Rimonit's first night in her new bed (which arrived this afternoon)! I hadn't built up the idea beforehand, partly because I didn't know when the bed would be coming, but when the delivery/assembly people came she was excited to hear that they were putting together a new bed for her. But that excitement didn't come close to matching her reaction when she actually got to see and touch and climb on the bed.

She ran to get her little orange chair and put it at one end of the railing, climbed up, and spent the next half hour either sitting in different spots on the bed, lying on it (gotta test it out!), or crawling back and forth across it. She especially liked getting onto the bed by standing on the chair, crawling to the other end, climbing back down and starting the process all over again. When Kinneret dared pull herself up by holding on to the bed, Rimonit quite nonchalantly removed those insolent little fingers.

And when I wanted to put R on her changing table to get her into her pajamas after her bath (as I usually do), she wouldn't hear of it, and flopped herself down on her new bed in her bathrobe, so I got her ready there.

But it wasn't excitement I was concerned about, it was what R would do with the sudden freedom of actually being able to get out of bed (cue ominous tone) whenever she felt like it. I wasn't surprised that she got out of bed within about two minutes of being put down, but she did stay down after the third time I put her to bed (within half an hour of the first time). Now we'll see what happens when she gets into her lighter sleep cycles later in the night...

As for Kinneret, she is also moving forward (or, more accurately, upright). After skipping that whole sitting thing and going straight to pulling herself up and initial forays at cruising, she has now circled back to it and is starting to sit nicely on her own. When she gets more stable, I may start giving R&K baths together. Until then, K loves standing at the edge of the bathtub and supervising the proceedings.

Here's K in January, quasi-sitting while leaning against a pillow: (I haven't been able to capture her sitting on her own yet, since by the time I get the camera it's all over.)


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