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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hitting the big time

Kinneret has been living on the edge for weeks if not months - she isn't happy unless she has sidled up to the very edge of her mat or crib mattress, if not beyond. She has also been rolling over quite a lot. And now... she's getting in gear to crawl.

I know, she's only 4 months old (well, 4 and a half), but she's been a squiggly squirmer since before she was born. The last few days she has been getting on all fours and hanging out for a few second, then dropping back down. Sometimes she also tries to move a bit in that position. I think Rimonit was doing this at about six months, and only after she had been scooting along on her stomach for a while. Of course it's possible this stage could last a while, but looking at her getting on her knees the whole time and rocking back and forth (she's doing that right now), it's looking like she's going to start crawling any moment.

As for Rimonit, she's in a bit of a Dada phase. She very much enjoys taking her artwork that she made in day care and deconstructing it at home. I'm all for it - it means the same project gets twice as much mileage, and means I don't have to feel bad when I throw it all out anyway since by the time I do it's in tatters.

My favorite was the paper cucumber and tomato she brought home the other week, because they were discussing morning time, and that's what you eat in the morning (along with hummus and chocolate spread, of course!).


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