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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oy va voy!

Yup, "oy va voy" is one of Rimonit's newest phrases, replete with finger-wagging - but only when she hears the song "Yonatan Hakatan." They obviously do it at gan when they get to the "oy va voy lo lashovav" part. It's a very funny sight.

On the other end of the naughty-to-nice spectrum of stuff she clearly picked up at gan, she also says "Bravo!" while clapping like a seal.

Nothing like a good Israeli education.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is how I discovered that Jonathan had a good ear for music (some 14 years ago): I whistled Yonatan Hakatan, and he wagged his finger at the exact right note (the oy-va-avoy one, obviously).

Love the name Rimonit, BTW:-)

November 05, 2009  
Blogger Shoshana Kordova said...

uh oh- mine starts in a bit early- hope that's just a sign of overzealousness and not a sign she inherited her mother's tone-deafness!

November 05, 2009  

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