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Monday, October 12, 2009

Kookoo for short tyrants

Here are a couple of recent pics of Rimonit with a ponytail, or as it's known here, a kookoo, sprouting out of her head.

But just because Israelis use their own word for ponytail doesn't mean they make do without their little pony - it's just that an Israeli "pony" is what Americans call bangs (and the Brits know as fringe). "Kookoo" is also what Israelis say for "peekaboo," as well as having the distinction of being one of the words that Rimonit for some reason has decided to pronounce by stressing the second syllable - kooKOO! - which frankly, makes her sound a little cuckoo (though in a very cu-cute way, of course).

RP will often make her demand for a hair band just after she sees me put one in my hair. And she's also taken to other hair accessories of mine.

But it's not just the head that merits imitation, as you can see in this photo from the summer.

Not only does Rimonit have a head&foot fetish, she has also crowned herself Fashion Dictator of Givatayim. While I have no problem letting her pick her clothes (especially when she sticks to one of the options I offer her), I wouldn't mind getting the same consideration from her. Instead, on some days I have to face a tantrum if I don't wear the headscarf she picks out for me. She has also developed an objection to my wearing flip-flops and will regularly remove them from my feet; if my clogs are nearby, she'll insist that I put those on instead.

However, she's not above trying on my flip-flops herself (along with her dress-up shoes - silver slip-ons left here by W's mom).

Oh, and in case you're wondering how all that dictatorial talent plays out with a new little sister to boss around, let's just say that Rimonit has been very good about sharing her toys - and no, it's not okay if Kinneret isn't quite ready to get a grip on a Lego tower yet. (Rimonit has also been very good at, shall we say, sharing Kinneret's few toys with herself.)

Here's a peek at what KL looks like when big sis isn't trying to force her to accept her offerings or, as per today's venture, to clap her hands. (By the way, another second-syllable word of Rimonit's is baBY! - which she has recently started using for actual babies, Kinneret included, instead of her previous pick, "dolly.")

All in all, it's starting to seem like Napoleon wasn't such a misguided idea for a name after all...


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